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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Adelaide ?
• During the next 30 years, the government is planning for steady population
growth of 560,000 people in Greater Adelaide.
• South Australia’s population is expected to reach two million by 2027.
• 258,000 additional homes needed in the next 30 years for Greater Adelaide.
• 9,000 additional homes needed in the next 30 years for the Adelaide Hills
• Government planning for economic growth of $127.7 Billion over 30 years.
• 282,000 jobs expected to be created over 30 years.
• There is an estimated shortfall of over 200,000 properties being demanded by
renters and owner occupiers.
• South Australia set to benefit from $100 billion worth of future defence
projects, creating 5,000 jobs.
• SA’s GDP grew by 5.2 last year.
• In November 2009 South Australia’s property market has recorded its best
results since the global financial crisis.
• Adelaide Hills / Mount Barker
• A population increase of 29,000 has been earmarked for the Adelaide Hills &
Murray Bridge.
• Mount Barker set to grow from 10,500 to almost 29,000 within 15 years.
• Over the last two years, Mount Barker’s population has increased by about 17%
to 12,500.
• Mount Barker’s population increased by 3% last year, 3 times the national
• Recent mining activity at several locations has drawn many workers to the
Adelaide Hills.
• Real Estate Industry leaders believes the Adelaide Hills to be one of the
top 5 performing suburbs in 2010 with some suburbs predicted to rise by 10%.
• Due to a large percentage of tradespeople, the Adelaide Hills will be one of
the areas least affected by unemployment.
• Mount Barker is the second fastest growing council in all of South Australia.

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