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Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 – Learn, Invest, Hold or Watch others?

Dear IPS Investor

After my 3 week trip to USA and the UK, I have some fascinating information to share about what is happening in those markets, where they are going and how they are going to effect the South African market and international markets.

There is so much to go into about and I will be covering them at the various presentations. (click here to book). Things which we will cover, are in the USA is the Double Dip – the possibility of another crash; property prices in Vegas being 70% down; the commercial market and its serious problems; or the most expensive house being $74 million in California, yet how the state is bankrupt; the fact over 90 000 USA are coming to South Africa for the world cup or that 21% are behind on payments and this could be as high as 50% by the Summer; Unemployment being the same as the Great Depression; - There is just so much you need to read the USA report or in our USA movie. (Posts coming)

In the UK, the market is recovering – 8 straight months in a row of growth; hundreds of Eastern Investors have invested in London in recent months; there is a buying frenzy and some companies went to Hong Kong, etc 23 times last year; Central London has recovered completely and some agents in the best suburbs had their best months ever; other parts of the UK are in dire trouble; what the future holds with 0.1% growth and unemployment problems. We do have some great opportunities to take advantage of the perfect timing!

In Australia, my partner Brad went to explore that market and it continues to boom, being the only country in the G20 to have positive growth in 2009 and with the fundamentals in place to allow for long term demand and growth. We have live events and opportunities from all over the country and this is something you need to seriously consider in 2010.

Finally to the most important country and that is South Africa. Our World Cup has finally arrived and there is a noticeable increase in optimism in the country which is awesome. It was great to see the enthusiasm and demand from expats in London at our latest event in Jan! This will be an unforgettable year in this country and put South Africa on the World Stage – a catalyst which will bring huge returns in the future!

Scott Picken

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