Scott Picken, CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS) believes a paradigm shift is occurring: 8 years ago, people would only invest in property in their own neighbourhood. Now, investors are starting to seek the best investments globally. IPS was created 5 years ago to facilitate international investments and provide an end-to-end solution to ensure that investors can invest with confidence!

Friday, February 5, 2010

IPS is looking for the best 3 Sales People in South Africa! Want to get the best International Training there is?

International Property Solutions (IPS) is looking for the best 3 sales people in South Africa. Please do not reply to this opportunity unless you are the best!

Although there are challenges in both the local and the international property markets, IPS has some fantastic and exciting opportunities and thus more demand than we can handle. Depending on your ability, the range you can earn:

• Average performer = R30 000 a month
• Great performer = over R200 000 a month or more! (including foreign income)

Young or Old if you have the stuff we will know.

Location not a problem – ability is what we are looking for. Most importantly is the ability to work with High Networth Individuals and even better is if you have your own network!

Either Full time, or if you have your own company, we can become strategic partners!

If you are interested, please email to Please tell me why should we choose you & why you are the best?

We have our first International Training Academy of the year on the 16th and 17th of Feb 2010 and we are looking for the best to be part of this!

This is what you can expect:

Value to you – 10 Items which are vital to your future!

1. Ability to earn foreign income.
2. Ability for great cashflow.
3. Ability to grow your international business part time, while running your successful business.
4. Ability to provide real value to your clients and offer them a differentiated product which they want.
5. Ability to learn the latest trends in property. South Africa is directly affected by what is happening international and this will position you as a market leader when you can speak with you clients with experience about the global market and how it will affect them locally.
6. Ability to learn the latest techniques being used internationally to provide your client with the best service and therefore get the most profitable use of your time (make more sales).
7. Ability to learn the latest techniques and methods to get the maximum returns from your Internet, Google, your website, email and social networking strategies.
8. Ability to be part of an International Network which provides you with credibility, but also the benefit of using it for securing local mandates.
9. Ability to be part of the International Network where you will be able to benefit from the mutual partnerships, constant information sessions for your clients and quarterly and yearly events to keep you abreast with the latest international trends. This will ensure you remain the leader in your industry.
10. Ability to remain being the Number One Player in your market and take your business to the next level!

Key Benefits of the International Training Academy

Scott Picken, IPS CEO, is constantly travelling the world and attending courses to understand the latest trends and techniques. On his latest course in USA, there was an intensive 4 day course (60 hours and a cost of R150 000) from 12 of America’s Leading Businessman on how to deal with the current market, take advantage of it and grow your business by 300% in 2010! Scott wants to try and share everything he learnt and some of these are:

1. Vision – what do you ultimately want for your business?
2. What season are you in?
3. The life cycle of business – how to get to the next level?
4. Power of Strategic Innovation
5. 3 ways to grow your business
a. New methods for marketing in the 21st century
b. New ways to get clients to take action
6. Defining your business process
7. 12 skills of all great companies
8. Direction of Influence – the Rugby Field Communication Model
9. 7 steps for implementing everything in your business
a. RPM
b. Your master action plan to implement

Please also pass onto to anyone who you think would relish this opportunity.

I look forward to working with the best.

Scott Picken

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