Scott Picken, CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS) believes a paradigm shift is occurring: 8 years ago, people would only invest in property in their own neighbourhood. Now, investors are starting to seek the best investments globally. IPS was created 5 years ago to facilitate international investments and provide an end-to-end solution to ensure that investors can invest with confidence!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

USA Property Report - Feb 2010

There are significant concerns about the USA economy and also the USA property market, but in amongst all this turmoil are also some fantastic opportunities. As with any overseas investment, an investor two most vital things are Information and Partners. What Scott Picken, IPS CEO, has tried to do here, is give you an overview of everything he found on his extensive trip around USA. This is the information so that you can make educated and intelligent decisions. Obviously it is a massive country and a massive market, but this was his opinion of everything he learnt. Scott says, “I believe there is significant opportunity in USA, but one has to be very careful or people could make financially disastrous decisions. I believe it is all about having the right partners on the ground to maximise on the opportunities available!”

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• Scott Picken sitting in Time Square and explaining everything he found in USA (5 minutes)

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