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Friday, December 4, 2009

IPS Challenge - Sponsor a Child & Teacher for 2010!

IPS is setting a challenge to the entire IPS Community to raise R32 000 and this will enable us to sponsor both a child and a teacher in 2010. Education will determine the future of South Africa and we believe passionately that it is time to give back, be thankful for everything there is in South Africa and try and help mould a better future!

Scott Picken, IPS CEO says, "I love the saying - 'For every school door that opens, a prison door closes' - it epitomizes South Africa. If we want to sort out crime and the future of the country, we need to focus on education and this is a fantastic opportunity.

There are two charities we support:

TREE which trains teachers in Early Childhood Education. Basically you learn 85% of your knowledge before the age of 6 and yet government spends less than 1% of the Education budget on this sector. They aim to train teachers and facilitate the training of teachers to make sure that South Africa’s children get the right start! - ( Click here to watch a video!

Leisure Trust – they screen children from disadvantage backgrounds and find children with potential. They then offer them the opportunity to go to the Model C schools like Rondebosch, SACs or Wynberg Girls for High School. Want an opportunity to give a child the best start in Life! - (

Scott says, “For now I want to be thankful for everything we have and give back. I want to raise a Challenge to the IPS Community - We would like to continue to contribute to this amazing country we have and so our aim is to sponsor One Teacher and One Child in 2010!”

• R18 000 per teacher to be trained - (
• R14 000 per child per year - (

"For every school door that opens, a prison door closes!"

Kelly, my fiancĂ©, and I will be personally sponsoring a Child for 2010. What can you do? Please email me if there is anything you can do to help us reach the IPS Challenge target –

Thanks, have a great Christmas and New Years and celebrate everything there is about South Africa!

Scott Picken

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