Scott Picken, CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS) believes a paradigm shift is occurring: 8 years ago, people would only invest in property in their own neighbourhood. Now, investors are starting to seek the best investments globally. IPS was created 5 years ago to facilitate international investments and provide an end-to-end solution to ensure that investors can invest with confidence!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bond Choice, OzInvest and IPS launch Joint Venture

Hundreds of thousands of South Africans would like to invest overseas, but either don’t have the knowledge, the money or the offshore allowance. There are many reasons for this and some of them are: - they are prudent investors and want to diversify their investments, a Rand hedge, insurance policy, the prestige of owning international property, possibly even for immigration, etc.

The most important thing though is that they do not know what to do next? People in JHB are often presented with opportunities, but most of the people in the rest of the country are never presented with opportunities and when they are how do they trust the source?

For this reason the Joint Venture was formed between these 3 companies. Bond Choice with their national reach, offices in all major cities and most importantly relationships with hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions of South Africans home owners, presented the perfect opportunity to reach many South Africans and provide them with the opportunity of investing overseas.

Bond Choice also did their thorough due diligence, including flying to Australia to investigate OzInvest, a company which specialises in helping people invest in Australia. The company was formed in 1987 and was designed to help Defence Force people buy property while they were abroad. Therefore this provided the perfect opportunity for South Africans who were also investing from far to invest in Australia remotely. They handle everything, including offering a 10 year lease back, which guarantees the investors rental income for 10 years and more!

International Property Solutions, IPS, a South African company which specialises in helping people invest overseas, has been brought in to provide the End to End solution between Bond Choice clients and the OzInvest products.

Scott Picken, IPS CEO “We are very excited about this Joint Venture as we have had a huge demand for offshore property, in particular Australia, and we believe the more people who know about the opportunities overseas, trust the source and have the knowledge will be able to benefit directly, which is great for all South Africans!”

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