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Saturday, May 15, 2010

UK House prices in April rose by 0.5%

* House prices in April rose by 0.5%

Despite a fall in transactions, the monthly average price of all residential property sold in England & Wales in April 2010 was an estimated 0.5% higher than in March. This is the twelfth month in succession in which the AcadHPI has shown an increase.

* Annual price increase is 12.9%

The annual average price of all residential property transactions in England & Wales was 12.9% higher than a year ago when prices were still falling - a significant recovery albeit in a market still characterised by great uncertainty. This is now the sixth consecutive month in which the annual rate of change in house prices has been positive.

* Housing transactions fall by 5% in April

There were an estimated 50,650 properties sold in April 2010, which is 5% lower than the number of sales recorded in March 2010. The level of sales in April 2010 is the second lowest April figure since the Land Registry started reporting transaction numbers in 1995.

* London house prices reach a new record level

For the second month in succession the average house price in London has reached a new peak. There is now substantial evidence to show that the major movement in London house prices is taking place at the top end of the market, with more modest price rises being experienced elsewhere.

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