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Monday, March 29, 2010

IPS Cares about animals

IPS Gives Back!

On Wednesday 17 March, IPS began their drive to give something back with our very first charity afternoon at Kitty and Puppy Haven. This day marked IPS’s sixth birthday and was the perfect day to gather our staff and start helping those who need it.

Kitty and Puppy Haven is one of the only rescue and rehabilitation centres in Gauteng that offer complete veterinary care, vaccinations, and sterilisation of all the animals in their sanctuary. They also find homes for these once injured, traumatised or abused animals, once they are in a fit condition, healthy both physically and mentally. The people who work at Kitty and Puppy Haven have seen the worst of what these pets are put through and have some amazing success stories. They recently relocated their premises to allow for the much needed space for all their special animals.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a contented bunch of cats and dogs, each with their only special character. The staff at Kitty and Puppy Haven are dedicated to what they do and welcome every visitor (whether animal or human) as a part of their family. During our tour of the facility, everyone found their hearts being stolen by more than one of these special animals.

Because Kitty and Puppy Haven are extremely busy doing the wonderful work they are doing, they have not found the time or resources to begin revamping their new location. So, IPS set about, in the sweltering Johannesburg heat, building a plant bed in front of the main wall so the beauty inside would radiate to the outside. After grappling with weeds, stones and broken glass, the plant bed was taking shape. We built it up so it would stand higher than ground level to allow for better drainage during our spectacular Highveld storms. We finished the bed off by planting some seeds and giving them a light sprinkle of water. In a few weeks these seeds will begin sprouting and in time will grow into a gorgeous array of flowers designed to attract butterflies and birds to this cheery place. IPS have laid a foundation which, hopefully, further volunteers can continue to build on. After bidding this sanctuary a happy farewell, IPS can certainly say it was worth closing our doors for an afternoon to give a little bit back.

Watch this space as we update you with more of our volunteer work and possibly a few pictures of our flowers as they grow.

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