Scott Picken, CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS) believes a paradigm shift is occurring: 8 years ago, people would only invest in property in their own neighbourhood. Now, investors are starting to seek the best investments globally. IPS was created 5 years ago to facilitate international investments and provide an end-to-end solution to ensure that investors can invest with confidence!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IPS moves London office - more convenient and better technology!

International Property Solutions (IPS), the business started its life in London, helping expats buy South African property back home over 6 years ago. The business model was to provide the same experience buying property as if you were back in South Africa and so our offices had everything you needed to enjoy that experience!

When we chose the location, it was a selfish decision. Scott Picken, IPS CEO was living in Wimbledon and did not see the point of commuting, especially when 60 000 South Africans lived in Wimbledon alone. Many people said we needed to be in the city to allow people who live in other parts of London to have easy access to our services. Scott says, "The thought of the commute into town every day just seemed too much!"

However Scott moved back to South Africa at the end of 2007 and there has been a stronger and stronger reason to move to the centre of town for this convince to clients. Also at their last event in May 2009, which was hosted from the Wimbledon Office - there were just too many people and it didn’t work.

Therefore IPS has moved their offices to Green Park (central London). The new offices provide everything we had in Wimbledon, but also allow us to upscale when we need to provide for bigger events and most importantly from a technology point of view. Scott Picken says, "These new premises provide us with exactly what we are looking for to ensure we can service our currents clients in London and the many we will assist in the future."

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