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Friday, July 24, 2009

Branson gives IPS the thumbs up!

At a recent Leadership Summit, Brad Allan and Scott Picken from IPS, met some of the top personalities both locally and globally. This is what they had to say:

Sir Richard Branson – Scott asked Sir Richard how he leads and gets the best out of his people with offices around the world, as geography is such a challenge. “He said, firstly it is easier as he owns an airline, but most importantly when he sees his staff it is very important to have fun. Then once the company gets to 30 odd people it is important to get a MD who is a people person and who doesn’t know how to criticize.

Malcolm Gladwell (Author of tipping point) – there are 4 main things which determine success.
o Put in the hard work and the success will come – law of 10 000 hours, you become successful after 10 000 hours of practice.
o Compensation – learning through failure.
o After time people learn what they are good at – trial and error.
o Leadership – need to give team and people the time and the space to grow, fail and learn. This requires faith from the leaders.

Shaun Tomson (Famous Surfer)– he learnt life from surfing, but his two main messages is that leadership is to inspire and that commitment takes away your fear!

Adrian Gore (Started Discovery) – said there were 7 key attributes to leadership
o Positive & Optimism – you always make better decisions when you positive.
o Set dreams and Goals – you have to know where you going.
o Sense of urgency, your time is limited – now is the time to achieve greatness.
o Never stop learning – always learning stops aging and makes the most of life.
o Persistency – key to success.
o Power of innovation – always be looking for the better way to do it.
o Integrity and Honesty – foundation for long term success.

Wendy Luhabe (SA top female entrepreneur) – to succeed in the 21st century you need to act within the interest of humanity.

Ronnie Apteker (started Internet Solutions) – basically persuasion sits at the centre of life and also he always invests in people rather than ideas.

Matthews Phosa (ANC Secretary) – was very positive about South Africa’s future and all citizens. He joked about Michael Jackson and how they are striving for, “it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.” A future to encompass all citizens, in a strong, safe and secure South Africa with a multitude of opportunities.”

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