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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Webinars – the way of future!

Scott Picken, CEO of IPS talks about the future. “It is really exciting when something new comes to the market and it revolutionises the way things are done – for example the mobile phone and communication.”

Well Webinars are going to have the same impact on education and seminars. A Webinar, simply is an online seminar. It is going to revolutionise the way information is taught, learned and communicated.

From the comfort of your own home or office you can join the presenter for a fully interactive presentation. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is connect through the internet or (if your internet is slow) you can phone in and participate or both.

Think about it - no more sitting in traffic, battling to find parking, leaving work early or having to go to hotel over your weekend or in the evenings. Rather find a place which is comfortable to you and you can sit and enjoy yourself – for example at home after the children are fed. And even better it can be recorded and so you can watch it whenever you like!

A further exciting enhancement is that South Africa has been held back with this technology because of the speed and expense of our broadband (internet connection). However on the 27th of June 2009, Seacom’s 1280 Gbit/s cable which has been laid on the East Coast of Africa will be ready and join Africa, Asia and Europe. It will provide an alternative international route for SA telecom operators and service providers who previously had to make use of the Sat-3 cable along Africa’s West coast. Until recently, access to Sat-3 was controlled by Telkom, which kept prices artificially high. The cost access to Sat-3 has already fallen because of the threat of looming competition, but Brian Herlihy, Seacom CEO, expects prices to come down another 40% to 50% with Seacom’s arrival. This cable also has 10 times the ultimate design capacity of the West coast system, the latter only has a design capacity of only 120 Gbit/s.

Broadband is going to be substantially cheaper, faster and therefore more available to the man in the street. As soon as fast internet become the market norm as in most first world countries – Webinars will be the standard. However until that time you can still join into the presentations over the telephone, even if you don’t have a computer.

IPS (International Property Solutions), prides itself on the use of technology to bring its clients property solutions. Once again they have brought a first to South Africa, hosting a number of presentations on how to invest in South Africa, Australia and the UK. The IPS philosophy is to educate people so that they can make informed decisions and then provide them with solutions. IPS continues to hold a number of FREE seminars / webinars and many different topics of interest are covered. Go to to view the up and coming presentations.

IPS has had very positive feedback from their clients and in both the last IPS webinars there were more people watching online than actually attended the physical event and they were spread all over the world. Think of the opportunities this presents!

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