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Friday, May 1, 2009

Want to monitor the UK market? - Recession Recovery Predictor

From Scott Picken and Jonty Cuisack

Scott Picken, IPS CEO lived in London for 9 years and was always very impressed with Ready 2 Invest who helped British people invest in countries around the world. They are always at the forefront of the market and recently they have come out with the statements that they are now getting back into the UK market as there are great opportunities. This is a report by Jonty Cuisack who is the CEO if Ready 2 Invest.

"The media is so full of commentary about the state of the economy that it is difficult to sort the facts from the personal opinion. Because of this we have developed a new predicting model so you can you get a real sense of where the economy is and where it is heading.

The Predictor tracks what I believe to be the best market indicators such as unemployment stats, house sales and the spread between base rates and LIBOR. There are 10 areas in total and, by seeing all these stats in one go, we can get a great visual sense of whether the figures demonstrate crisis, green shoots, recovery or boom. The numbers will be updated every month and a summary presented visually with a narrative by me.

I remain convinced that 2009 is a great property-buying year. My suspicion is that we have hit bottom and that we will bounce along this nadir for the rest of 2009. 2010 will see mild improvements and things will start to recover more seriously in 2011.

What will really get things going again is credit. In homeopathy they treat the illness with a very small dose of the disease. As with credit and debt, the right application of credit, which is also the cause of the crisis, will heal the economy.

The Predictor Model is at

If you want more information please go to and we will be able to assist you to understand the UK market and take advantage of the opportunities.

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